Want Your Home to Smell Like Nan's Kitchen
We had the Nan that the minute you stepped foot in the house you could smell something cooking. There would always be a plate of biscuits or scones, brownies or cakes, and roasts any night you stayed for dinner. And of course, lots of tupperware containers for all the leftovers she would send us home with. 
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Candle of the Month - BLUSH
Plumeria flowers are syrupy and fragrant like jasmine. Peach brings the fruity, apricoty and tropical notes. Passionflower's milky, yet sweet with tangy passionfruit.
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Candle of the Month - The Bright Side
“Always look on the bright side of life” was stuck in my head on repeat while we created this fun candle. It’s definitely for those of us that see the glass as half full, ever the optimist and always finding the positives in any situation.
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