Candle of the Month - Champagne & Cherries

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Our December 2022 Sweet/Fruity Candle of the Month is Champagne & Cherries.

It’s party season which means lots of bubbly and sweet fruits as we spend Summer catching up with friends and family! When thinking back to what I love about this time of year the first thing that came to mind was setting the table for Christmas Day. Pretty decorations, some greenery, bon bons for everyone and of course cold drinks and a fruit platter to help cope with those hot summer days! The top two items I always make sure I have plenty of are champagne and cherries. They are a staple on our table for this time of year. So when I set out to create the December candle I was inspired by my own family Christmas and I knew it needed to be something fun. And who doesn’t love a bit of bubbly and cherries around Christmas?!

black and copper candle, sweet candle, fruity candle

The fragrance notes in this sweet/fruity candle are Cherry, Effervescent Champagne, Chocolate, Clove, Almond and Vanilla Bean.

Cherry and vanilla make a superb combination. Cherry complements the gourmet and sweet scent of vanilla with its fruity sweetness. It also gives an interesting contrast with its tartness and makes us enjoy this delicious fragrant combination even more. Also captivating you is the combination of cherries and chocolate, which only makes us think of dessert and immediately destroys all our resolutions about choosing healthier food so definitely light this one before the New Year begins. The effervescent champagne brings the sparkling, fizzy notes to the candle which will enlighten your senses.

cherry and champagne candle

We also wanted to bring a little sparkle to your table setting with the jar we used this time! The black and copper vessel is both sleek and beautiful as it shines when lit.

We'd like to take this time to say thank you to you all out there for an amazing year! We hope you all enjoyed our scents for 2022 and can’t wait to show you what we have in store for you for next year.

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