Want Your Home to Smell Like Nan's Kitchen

Want Your Home to Smell Like Nan's Kitchen

We had the Nan that the minute you stepped foot in the house you could smell something cooking. There would always be a plate of biscuits or scones, brownies or cakes, and roasts any night you stayed for dinner. And of course, lots of tupperware containers for all the leftovers she would send us home with. She wore an apron and a dusting of flour on her face, and this candle is dedicated to her.

The fragrance used in this months sweet candle is shortbread, toasted pecans and sparkling sugar. The thick and buttery shortbread scent gives off a creamy vanilla bean and sugar cookie aroma, the kind of sweet scent that really hits the spot! The toasted pecans complement this foodie blend and we finished off with some decorative sparkling sugar for a little extra crunch.

Sweet candle, black candleWe all know the feeling when the 3pm sugar cravings begin. Lucky for you this candle will be sure to fulfil your sugar fix as you’ll be smelling the sweet aromas of freshly baked cookies without putting on the calories. Although I might be tempted to do some baking soon as the candle smells so good I’m drooling. One smell of this and I am instantly craving a cup of tea to enjoy with the sweet aroma filling the room.

sweet scents, shortbread candleIt takes me back to sitting on the kitchen bench, licking the bowl as soon as Nan had finished baking her latest batch of cookies. This candle is sweet, comforting and inviting, just like Nanny Berry. Say hello to Nan’s Kitchen.

Want to buy this sweet candle?

Our Nan's Kitchen candle is available now. It's the best way to get exactly what you want.

Our gourmand candles are always a hit. I think it’s because of the memories they bring. Taking us back to our childhood or that sweet remembrance of baked goods, whether it was a treat or a sneaky snack.

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