Candle of the Month - The Bright Side

Shiny silver candle
Our September 2022 Sweet / Fruity Candle of the Month is...

“Always look on the bright side of life” was stuck in my head on repeat while we created this fun candle. It’s definitely for those of us that see the glass as half full, ever the optimist and always finding the positives in any situation.

Thinking on the bright side is usually a term we use when something hasn’t gone quite right and we want to change our way of thinking from negative to positive. We played with a fragrance with extremely high notes to create a container of sunshine. The fragrance literally looks yellow, to help you live on the bright side of life.

Silver candle with box

We had one goal with this candle and it was to capture sunshine in a jar and we’re pretty sure we nailed it! A combination of the beautiful yellow wax, the way the jar glistens in the sunshine and the amazing aroma is sure to fill you with joy. The bright side is a fun candle that packs a punch with its sweet and zesty scents. One smell of this candle and we’re transported to a garden full of gorgeous Spring blooms and an orchard full of citrus trees. Hello Spring, hello sunshine! The way the light bounces off this majestic jar is certain to bring a smile to your dial. Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle?!

Creating this month’s Sweet candle brought us so much joy, I wonder where we will be taken next month? Every month we take you on a new journey with our different candles and we’d love for you to come along! Our subscription candles are a great surprise as we create a brand new candle each and every month. We get so much joy from creating these candles and we hope you guys love receiving them too.

Hands holding candle

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