Choose your Monthly Candle Subscription

I have a library of fragrances that I dive into each month. From that we create a theme with 2 different candle scents.

They might be new trends we’re seeing or unusual scent combinations or they may be sentimental favourites. Either way, you’ll never know what your getting.

If you love fragrance, burn a candle more than 3-4 times a week or just want to double and save, the Both Box will be perfect for you.


We used to 'build-in' the cost of shipping into the price - so you'd pay $45 a candle, instead of $35 + $10 shipping.

We wanted to be more transparent and show you exactly what you're getting for your money.

We wish we had Amazon powers and could get it for free, but we're a small Aussie biz, and we have to pay our couriers to get these goodies safely to you.

  • A candle with at least 50 hours of burn time, matched with your personal fragrance preference
  • A bonus 90g candle with our staff member of the months favourite scent
  • A candle of the month card that describes your scent plus a little BTS info
  • Delivered Monthly. Charge date 23rd. Boxes Ship 1st. Cancel anytime
  • A FREE past candle on your 4th purchase plus access to our candle library with your subscriber discount