Surprise scents - Sent monthly to make you smile

Each month is a new theme with 2 different candles. They might be new trends we’re seeing or unusual scent combinations or they may be sentimental favourites. Either way, you’ll never know what your getting.

Australia's Favourite Candle Subscription, but don't take our word for it


It's such a buzz receiving two surprise new candles each month

Emma G

My colleagues and I anticipate the monthly delivery and are always eager to open and pass the candles around.

Julie-Anne J

The scents are fabulous and the designs are super pretty. My husband and I both absolutely adore them.

Lesley T

12 months I’ve been getting the monthly subscription boxes from the amazing Club Candle.
I’ve never had a candle I haven’t liked and really enjoy spoiling myself every month.


I have only had issues with shipping once and they were very helpful and made sure I still got my box. And they are a local Australian business located on the Central Coast! If you are a candle lover like me I would highly recommend Club Candle!

Abigail M

I look forward to my candle every month. Different jars and always amazing scents. I love them so much I bought my daughter a subscription

Penny B

I'd always had candles in different scents, shapes, styles and colours.

We knew there must be others out there - just like us

that want to change up their space with a new and exciting candle scent and style each month.
So we created a club to find you all

Every month we create two types of candles with two very different themes.

Our quiz helps us know what scents you love, and then we send you candles each month, to match your personal scent preference.

A candle with at least 50 hours of burn time, matched with your quiz's personal preference

A bonus 90g candle with our staff member of the months favourite scent

A candle of the month card that describes your scent plus a little BTS info

Delivered Monthly. Charge date 23rd. Boxes Ship 1st. CANCEL ANYTIME - NO GUILT

A FREE past candle on your 4th purchase plus access to our candle library with your subscriber discount

We wish we had Amazon powers and could get it for free, but we're a small Aussie biz, and we have to pay our couriers to get these goodies safely to you. We don't 'build in the cost' We believe in total transparency. SHIPPING = $10


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