Candle of the Month - BLUSH

Candle of the Month - BLUSH

Our November 2022 Sweet / Fruity Candle of the Month is BLUSH. 

When we first laid eyes on the candleware for this one we were instantly in love! This shade of pink is a favourite around here and we instantly knew our theme for this one would be focused on that! We decided to go with all things beginning with the letter P - inspired by the different fragrances we selected and the gorgeous colour of the jar of course!

soy candle, sweet candle, fruit candle
Coming up with a name for this one wasn’t tricky as the vessel is such a pretty colour, we all agreed BLUSH was a very fitting choice. We knew we needed a delightful scent to match the gorgeous jar so we blended some of our favourite sweet fragrances starting with the letter P to make it the Perfect Pink Perfume. We landed on Plumeria flowers, Peach and Passionflower.

Plumeria flowers, also known as Frangipani, are often very fragrant, the palette of their smells covers lots of nuances: soft, fruity, peachy, and creamy. Some plumerias smell sweet or spicy, others smell like jasmine, peaches or citrus. The Peach notes bring the fruity, apricoty and tropical vibes to the candle. And finally we added Passionflower which has a light sweet floral scent. It has a sensual smell, combining milky, coconut-y, salty softness with tangy passionfruit. The sweet floral aroma reminds us of warm summer evenings, we can almost hear the sounds of cicadas beginning as the weather heats up!

soy candle, blush candle, sweet candle
Have we mentioned how beautiful the jar is yet? It has a funky geometric pattern on the outside and a beautiful bright silver inner which sparkles when the candle is lit! We loved creating this one and we hope you guys enjoy it too!

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