About Us


We love candles, we love that the sense of smell can take you on a journey. That with the strike of a match, and the crackle of the wick you are transported to a happy place. We know there are a lot of amazing candle companies out there, but we’re a little bit different, we’re a pay by the month Australian candle subscription company, that send out 2 different candles boxes every month with FREE shipping.


Growing up my Dad was a Fireman, so as you can guess, having the naked flame of a candle burning in a residential home was frowned upon, we would literally have fire drills where we would have to 'get down low and go-go-go'. When I moved out at age 18 and after I got over the cost of my first grocery bill, my first real 'luxury purchase' - I'm going to stop right there... I don't love the word luxury purchase, I think we should be able to spend our hard earned money on what ever we like, and we should definitely be using it to treat, pamper, indulge, delight and surprise ourselves with something special, cause lets face it after the age of 21, unless it's a birthday, anniversary or Christmas the time for gift giving is over. If we don't treat ourselves to something nice, who will? Anyway...My first ME purchase was a candle.

With my love of candles, my coffee table always looks like a candle store, I dream of having a home that looks like those in magazines or on the amazing feeds of Pintrest or Instagram but I just really love candles, lots and lots of candles. I was never really loyal to one brand in particular so there were different scents, vessels, colours, shapes and sizes. It's so great to come home at the end of my day and get to choose the perfect scent to suit my mood. Smell may be the most powerful of all our senses I love that a certain scent can alter your mood.

We used to chew through candles so quickly, that one night when finishing a bottle of wine from a subscription box that arrives monthly, thank you @nakedwinesaus. It hit us that a monthly subscription box for candles would be an awesome idea, so with the help of some amazingly creative people, who we would never be here without (you know who you are! xoxo) Club Candle was born.


We are a bunch of creative candlemakers who have years of experience in the industry, we like to push the boundaries, blending and exploring new concepts and are constantly filling thousands of rooms with great fragrance.

We have close relationships with Australian designers and their immense library of fragrances. We then blend them to perfection with soy and coconut waxes and hand pour in small batches to ensure the quality of your candle. We select the vessels from local producers to suit the aromatic blend in your candle, with on-trend containers to match the changing seasons and update your decor, so one month you might receive a frosted glass jar, the next could be a hand-crafted artisan container.


Every month we make and send out 2 unique boxes, with awesome fragrances to ignite your senses and have your home or workplace smelling ah-maz-ing you can choose from 3 types of aromas, refreshing and natural with our Earthy and Fresh Candle Subscription. Sweet, fruity and delicious scents with our Sweet and Fruity Subscription Candle or let us look after you with our Club Candle Surprise, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.


Just like the scents change each and every month x 2, we use different containers to change up whatever space we end up in your home. 


Here at Club Candle we know everybody should be celebrated for everything that they do, whether it’s your friends, co-workers, family or yourself, we believe that everyone needs to be treated to something special and we like to go above and beyond. If it’s a birthday or a thank you or our favourite, just because, our packs are delivered with no receipt, wrapped and packed with a handwritten note as if you have sent it yourself.

We hate that the only thing that arrives in the mail these days are bills and junk mail, handwritten notes and sending packages in the mail to loved ones are a thing of the past and we're bringing it back! Take a look at our 1 off Gift box for your someone special or send one to yourself if you just want to try our Club Candle experience. 

Here at Club Candle we have taken our love of candles and gift giving to the next level, with our subscription boxes delivered to hundreds of doorsteps right around Australia. We don't think outside the box, we thought of what we could put IN the box.

Love Club Candle

Just so you know, we look amazing in candlelight!