Candle of the Month - Australian Lemon Myrtle
My husband and son both spent 6 months on a farm cutting and distilling Lemon Myrtle essential oil, so this candle is sentimental for me. We have added the oil distilled from that very farm to this blend and created a lemony scent to refresh your home.
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Candle of the Month - CRUSH
You can't resist this fresh aroma made possible by pineapple and orange top notes. Middle notes of tart blackberry and yuzu. Grounding notes of patchouli and spicy pink peppercorn.
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Candle of the Month - BLUSH
Plumeria flowers are syrupy and fragrant like jasmine. Peach brings the fruity, apricoty and tropical notes. Passionflower's milky, yet sweet with tangy passionfruit.
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