Candle of the Month - CRUSH

Candle of the Month - CRUSH

Our November 2022 Fresh / Earthy Candle of the Month is CRUSH.

The last few months we have been focusing on very earthy fragrances so this time around we set ourselves the challenge to come up with a super fresh candle! It's our way of welcoming the warmer weather, with a hit of fresh, green and zesty scents.

Set in a pretty pink jar with a beautiful fragrance to match we knew this candle would quickly become the new favourite around here so we went with the name CRUSH! It carries a scent that we were all loving, something to light when you’re after a fresh start, a new beginning, a reset. We’re crushing hard on this one (excuse the pun!)

pink candle, soy candle, fresh candle
With Spring in full swing we couldn’t resist making a crisp and citrus fragrance for this one. This season has us dreaming of longer daylight hours, warmer weather and the flowers blooming on the citrus trees before they fruit! Bottling the feeling of a beautiful Spring day is what we set out to create when we choose the scents for this one. We started with pineapple which is a juicy, green and uplifting aroma and we added in some orange fragrance to really hit the citrusy and fresh brief. We then added some middle notes of tart blackberry and yuzu. The smell of yuzu consists of sweet and bitter notes with a hint of tartness. Overall, its sublime citrusy aroma is quite subtle, fruity, delicate, and meringue-like. And the grounding notes of patchouli and spicy pink peppercorn bring the fresh, earthy vibes to this candle. It's a must-have for this time of year!

pink candle, soy candle, crush candle
The bright pink jar is sure to capture the happy feeling we get when the daylight hours start to get longer, the flowers start to bloom and everything feels fresh again after Winter!! You’ll be inviting the outdoors in when you light this scented coconut & soy candle, with its uplifting aroma.

Want to buy this refreshing candle?

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