Candle of the Month - Violet Sky

Candle of the Month - Violet Sky

Our June 2022 Sweet / Fruity Candle of the Month is… Violet Sky

It’s 5pm. The sun is slowly setting along the horizon in the distance, turning the sky a wash of dazzling crimson and purple. The beginnings of the night sky peak through the clouds, the first twinkle of the stars in the sky begin to reveal themselves. Illuminating the earth and casting purple shadows over the world. Everything is calm and the world is quiet and peaceful.

The first time I saw these jars was months ago, once they had arrived at our warehouse and Sandi was showing me out the front. The true definition of hot off the press, the delivery truck hadn’t even made its way out of the driveway and she was already cutting into the box and pulling a jar out to show me.  The way the silver sparkles dazzled in the sun really took my attention and I knew this was about to be one of my favourite jars. Purple is my favourite colour and I'm a sucker for some bling so there really isn’t anything more I could wish for.


When creating our candles for the month, we decided to each take a box (Sandi choosing Fresh/Earthy and Myself choosing Sweet/Fruity) and create a concept without discussing with the other. We often talk through our ideas and get suggestions from each other, but this month we went in completely solo. 


I had already fallen in love with the purple jar and knew it was the one I had to use, so all that I had left to do was choosing the fragrance. The fragrance I ended up using was one that we’ve had stored in our fragrance library for a few months. It came up recently in one of our fragrance testing sessions and when I looked back at my options, I knew it would be a good one. 


With textured jars it's always a challenge to find out the best way to label the jar. Textured surfaces rule out stickers as an option, leaving not many choices left. We’ve had our fair share of different labels over the years whether it be swing tags, fabric tags, textured paper etc. In the end I decided that no label was the best label, and that the jar kind of spoke for itself with its texture and silver sparkles.


With notes of Tigerlily, Musk, Ripe Pineapple, Patchouli its the perfect sweet scent to light up your room

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