Candle of the Month - Pop's Garden

Candle of the Month - Pop's Garden

This month I was feeling quite sentimental when creating our January candles. For our Fresh candle I wanted to pay homage to my Pop. You’d either find him in his big leather recliner or out the back in his garden. He grew the biggest tomatoes (I’m pretty sure he could’ve broken the world record!) Like, one slice would be bigger than the sandwich bread. There were always flowers blooming, veggies growing and pots of soil waiting for their next trimming to flourish. So with that in mind I created what I think would be his favourite candle!

The fragrances we used for this one are jasmine and roses and also tomato and zucchini. It's a weird combination, I know, but for this scent I think it totally works. We blended beautiful florals like jasmine which brings a hint of sweetness, this used to be draped down the fence and in September they would flourish and create the most welcoming aroma. I think rose is a staple in lots of Grandparents gardens and was essential to balance the fragrance. I wanted to include savoury scents and of course added a nod to the amazing tomatoes. It is fresh like spring and warm like summer.

Candles, earthy candle, wick holderI thought this was the perfect summertime candle as picking fresh vegetables from the garden with Pop was one of my favourite jobs (if you could even call it a job?!) He always had something new for me to try and he’d let me sneak a fresh tomato straight from the plant and I’ve never tasted anything better!

jasmine candle, earthy candle, fresh scentWe loved the trip down memory lane this month and hope you enjoy Pop’s Garden as much as we did as we did.

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