Flashback to your favourite lip balm of the 90’s: does it influence your candle choice today?

lip balm, and our candle scent choices today

Our theme this month was hypnotic. We looked for scents that were attention grabbing with notes that you know the instant they hit your nose. This scent is hard to ignore. With big opening notes of black cherry and watermelon you’ll also find raspberry and guava, with the sweet hit of caramelised sugar, tonka bean and jasmine.

There are some fragrances that captivate your senses from the very first moment they reach your nostrils. They weave in and out, through your mind searching for the right memory. There is nothing worse when you can’t put your finger on the memory the scent brings but this one was easy. Mine, is growing up in the 90’s and the must have lip balm to add a sheen of colour and an amazing flavour to your lips. Who else had  lip smackers? My favourite was the watermelon and my best friend had the cherry, we used to apply them both to create the best cherry watermelon flavour. It’s crazy that I can almost taste it when I smell this candle.

If you're not a fruity fragrance person, don't worry this scent is definitely sweet. I grounded this scent with sugary notes of tonka bean, jasmine and caramelised sugar. The black cherry adds a deep, rich sweetness while the watermelon adds a fresh finish, together forming a harmonious duet.

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