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Candle of the Month – English Pear and White Freesias

by Club Candle |  | 4 comments

Our October 2020 Sweet / Fruity Candle of the Month is... English Pear and White Freesias

Who doesn’t love the look and smell of fresh flowers? With Spring finally sprung, this month we wanted to pair (pardon the pun) a beautiful floral with a gorgeous fruit. 

English Pear and White Freesias Club Candle


A sensual collision of ginger flower, musk, jasmine and freesia. Mellowed with buttery saffron and an orchard of English Pears.


October Sweet / Fruity Moodboard

This scent is one I’ve had for a while and wanted to reveal for a Spring candle. Florals are hard and they are a scent that not everyone loves. This one is such a delicate scent that it’s really hard not to love.


Our hint this month was…This white floral has been paired with a fruit. Did you get the pun?


This white floral has been paired with a fruit. Did you get the pun?

We’ve been having fun creating different candles each month and the hints have been something I introduced when we redesigned our subscription shippers. It was something I’ve wanted to do for ages. It’s so hard because we want to keep it a surprise for as long as we can. We usually reveal on the 10th what’s in the box but this way we get to keep you guessing what scent we are sending out.


English Pear and Freesia is a popular scent, one that I’ve seen in candles from top brands to those that you find at cute market stalls so we knew this one would be a hit. We’re located on the Central Coast and have a small store where you can pick up your orders and we always have a customer or two pop in to see what the candle of the month is.



Need this English Pear and White Freesias candle in your life?

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