Candle of the Month – Moss

Candle of the Month – Moss

Our October 2019 Fresh and Earthy Candle of the Month is... 


A captivating fragrance of dark green moss mingles with herbaceous pine and woody cedar. A hint of soft musk and crushed eucalyptus leaves round out this crisp scent. It is infused with 100% essential oils of Clove, Eucalyptus, Pine and Cedarwood.

Moss candle of the month

With deep green notes, we decided to colour this candle a dark mossy green. It’s incredible the difference the colour makes. When we decide on a fragrance, like with any candle, we do a test pour and burn. This is where we rate how the cold and hot scent throw works, and when we burn we check to see that we have the right wick size. If you’ve ever made a candle before it’s like a science. Every small change makes a huge difference. Every fragrance, colour, container even the time of year that you’re burning your candle can affect the way a candle smells and burns. We test for about a month for each different candle and container that we pick, and there is a lot that doesn’t make the final cut.

This was a scent that I wasn’t a massive fan of the initial burn, but once we added the colour and poured in a clear jar, it changes the candle totally for me. It’s like if you’ve ever eaten at a restaurant where they manipulate the food with colours so crab that’s been cooked in squid ink to turn it black. You’re expecting a dark, almost burn flavour and when you bite into the meat, it’s pure white and quite delicate.

That is what we tried to do here. By colouring the candle wax a deep green, we wanted to almost play a trick with your mind. That the mossy scent is almost dug straight out of the forest floor.

moss candle - club candle

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