Candle of the Month – Caramel Hazelnut

Candle of the Month – Caramel Hazelnut

Our May 2020 Sweet / Fruity Candle of the Month is...

 Caramel Hazelnut

Toasted coconut, buttery hazelnuts, and creamy caramel. What more do I need to say!

TOP NOTES: Brown Sugar

MIDDLE NOTES: Coconut, Hazelnut

BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Frankincense


With us all staying at home a little more these days. I wanted to create a candle scent that brings a smile to your face and who doesn’t light up when they smell the creamy notes of caramel and vanilla? Poured in a glass copper look container that perfectly embodies the hit of caramel. Each month I set out to keep you surprised. I want you to open your Club Candle and the scent to slowly waft out and get you excited for what could be hiding wrapped in the box. I’ve already had so many people say with this candle you can smell it the minute you lift the lid. I have mine at the top of the stairs so as I walk up I can smell the sweet vanilla caramel with just a hint of hazelnut.

Caramel Hazelnut Club Candle of the Month

Our candles are all made by hand on the Central Coast NSW. I take so much pride in everything from the first concept of the candle to the way it’s wrapped and placed in the box. I love that feeling of Christmas morning, unwrapping gifts and the excitement of what’s inside. You obviously all know there is a candle hiding beneath the wrapping, but you have no idea what the candle will look or smell like. I want to thank you all for trusting me to keep you surprised each and every month. If you’re thinking of joining the club, and just want to dip I your toe rather than jumping all in. We have a TRY option available. This way you just pay and receive 1 box so you can experience what we have to offer. No hard feelings if you don’t love it, if you do – join the Club and get a box of happy delivered to your door each month.

Caramel Hazelnut Club Candle

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