Throwback Thursday - Week 5

Throwback Thursday - Week 5

Alright, week 5 and we’re back at it again. 

This week we’ve unintentionally gone for a refreshing/fruity kind of theme, featuring 3 of our past candles that all have various Fruit themes. Whether you're after a present for yourself or the perfect gift for Mothers Day 2022, our subscription boxes are the gift that keeps on giving.

Starting off this weeks throwback we’ve got Cucumber Melon. The star of the October 2018 Fresh/Earthy box.

Cucumber Melon Candle

Poured in a clear glass and adorned with hand made decals, Cucumber Melon is the perfect combination of classy, simple and fun at the same time. 

An irresistible scent for candle lovers of crisp and fresh fragrances. Crisp green cucumber combined with juicy ripe melon. This scent is reminiscent of spring. The season with the warm gentle heat and the cool, refreshing afternoon showers. With hints of green, violet and apples to bring a little sense of nature into your home. 

I’m a sucker for a clear jar candle and this really hits the spot for me. There’s something about being able to see the wax as the candle melts down, that really does it for me. Although they were poured before my time working here, I have since helped in the making of candles with hand-made decals and so I can appreciate the time and effort that has gone into making these. Cutting out vinyl decals is all fun and games until you’re 50 units deep and suddenly the manufacturer has stopped making the colour vinyl.

Next up we’re visiting March of 2019, which featured Lychee and Guava in the Sweet/Fruity box. 

Lychee and Guava Candle

This is another one of those candles where looking back, we don’t have much photographic evidence of it. I can confidently say over the past few years we have drastically improved our photography game. 

Lychee & Guava was paired with Lychee & Black Tea, making both of March’s boxes Lychee themed. Pairing similar scents is a great way to explain to people how much a scent can change, depending on the other notes it is being paired with. Lychee & Guava featured notes of Lychee, Lime and Guava. 

Last but not least we have Fruit Salad, the January 2021 Sweet/Fruity candle

Fruit Salad Candle

Fruit Salad was a hard candle for us to come up with the idea. We had big plans for this hot pink jar but in the end we resorted to a plain, simple label to tell it like it was. The candle paired with Fruit Salad was Fresh Start, one that we decided to hand make a vinyl label for. Like with Cucumber Melon, it was fun for the first few units and then once we realised we were in for the long haul, it started to look a bit daunting. This took up most of our resources, physically and mentally for the month and so, we opted for something a little simpler for the corresponding candle. Just to add to our stress, because this candle was for January, we had to have it completed and boxed, ready to be sent out at the end of December. Given that it was the middle of a pandemic and Christmas time, we knew that postal services were heavily delayed and that we’d have to send these boxes not long after we posted our December boxes. December 2020 was a massive crunch for us to get all this done, but in the end we got there and sent out a record number of boxes for the month of January.


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