Throwback Thursday - Week 4

Throwback Thursday - Week 4

We’re back again for week 4 of Throwback Thursday and this week we’ve got some fruity favourites.


First up we’re taking a look at Bumblebee, the Sweet/Fruity candle featured in March of 2021.

Just over a year old, it’s still up there as one of my favourite candles to make. 

When we ordered the glass for this one, we didn’t realise just how small they were until they arrived, so we decided to make it a double candle. It’s always exciting getting to put two candles into a box, and I think that excitement masks the dread we experience a few days later when we realise what we’ve signed up for. Double candles means double the work. 

When we picked these jars, we were trying to brainstorm what we could do with them and we made a comment about the jar looking like a honeycomb. March 2021 was also around the time we decided to pull out the trust Cricut maker that had been collecting dust for a while. Just like an airfryer, the Cricut is an exciting shiny new tool but when you unbox it and set it up, the options are almost so vast, it makes it hard to choose where to begin. 

I’m not much of a graphic designer, I’ll give credit where it’s due and admit Sandi is the brains behind most things we design online. She has that finesse that’s required to take things like labels and designs one step above, and turn something basic into something beautiful. I got on to the Cricut design space and made up a cute bumblebee design, and after a few tweaks we ended up with a final design. Now, I don't know if you’ve ever tried to print black ink on black paper, but it doesn’t go well. Lets just say, this turned out a lot harder than what we thought it would be but we were already committed to our design. In the end, it was a lot harder than expected but i think it turned out great!


Second up on our list is Pomegranate Splash which we had in the November 2018 Fresh/Earthy box.

With a fresh green accord this splash of Red Pomegranate has an almost tart fragrance. Blended with the native Amazon fruit acai to bring a fresh and revitalising scent of the rainforest into your lounge room. 


Lastly, we have our July 2019 Sweet/Fruity box - Tropical Crush

This fruity combo of passionfruit and orange, blended with the sweetness of peach makes for a tropical delight. Winter is definitely the candle season. But sometimes you want to escape the cold, wet weather and indulge in a little tropical paradise. With this fruity combo and the bronzy gold vessel to suit the sunshine, we know you'll be whisked away to a tropical mini-vacation. Even if you never actually leave your lounge room.


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