Throwback Thursday!

Throwback Thursday!

In honour of Throwback Thursday, I thought there's nothing more surreal than looking back on humble beginnings and seeing how far you've come. Lately we've been reminiscing on how much we've grown in the past few years, and it led me on a deep dive of our past candles.

Here's a few to take you back, let us know if there's any you remember and were a subscriber for!

Starting off with something more recent, we've got Firefall; our June 2021 Sweet/Fruity candle. 

Described as “an awakening and refreshing smell that was a mixture of florals, firewood and citrus.”, This one featured: Fruity jasmine and lavender, zesty mandarin, orange and pineapple with a soft undertone of cedarwood.

This candle was actually created with the help of our subscribers. The previous month, May 2021 we had sent out some tea light size candle samples in our subscription boxes. These featured 4 different scents, 2 being part of our Fresh/Earthy fragrance collection, and 2 from our Sweet/Fruity collection. They were labelled FreshA/B and Sweet A/B respectively, and included in the box was a link to a website in which our subscribers could submit any fragrance notes they could smell in the candle, and also a name they thought was suitable. The awesome thing about making candles is that they don’t always have to be named after the fragrances found within them. It’s great to have candles named after their scent, eg. Coconut & Lime, but we find the candle names that draw in the most attention are those that are named after obscure things, such as our Midnight candle, our recent Copper candle and Firefall itself.

The second stop on our travels is May 2021, with Campfire & Marshmallow.

Featuring a funky dimple glass, this one was one of our favourite Fresh/Earthy scents we’ve created. The perfect combination of smoky vetiver, pine cones, fir needles and a hint of marshmallow. It brings back memories of every camping trip I've ever been on. Waking up under the pine trees, laying under the stars and roasting marshmallows over the campfire. The major challenge we had with this candle was the labelling. Some candles scream 'I need a label', some others speak for themselves. With Campfire & Marshmallow, we knew it needed something but it was tricky to figure out where to place it without ruining the main attraction of the jar itself. It was actually by accident that we thought to even wrap a label around the tiny lip of the jar, but it ended up working perfectly.

Going back even further we have Create, from November 2019.

With notes of Orange, Passionfruit and Black Pepper, this may have been one of the more fun candles we’ve ever got to CREATE. (Get it)

Poured with a coloured wax to add some extra flair, we decided once it was set to drizzle over the top with some other colours of wax. We found the red and blue drizzle really made the colour of the wax pop.

It’s a few years on and we’ve tried our fair share of coloured wax candles and trying to make different designs and swirls. Some have been successful, but many are merely steps in the learning curve. Are coloured candles something you’d like more of? Keep your eyes peeled for some this year, I cant give away any secrets but there may be some more in the near future.

Is there any candles you loved and would like to hear some more of the back story behind? Head to our socials and let us know what you’d like to see!

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