Throwback Thursday - Week 2

This week for our Throwback Thursday we’re taking the Fresh route and checking out 3 of our past candles that all fall under the Fresh/Earthy category.

I do have to admit, around here I generally have the creative brain behind the Sweet/Fruity candles and Sandi takes over for the Fresh/Earthy, but every now and then we like to mix it up and take over the other scent category for the month. 

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Club Candle Care
To get the full use of your candle you need to take care of them.   There are rules, tips, care, and warnings that you will hear, but it is extremely important that you follow these steps to keep you...
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How to make your own Club Candle
With so many people stuck at home with or without kids, there may be some of you that want something to do with all this spare time that you now have on your hands. I’m in the early stages of testing but would love to see if there are people out there that would love to create along with me.
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