Do you suffer from Brain Fog?

Do you suffer from Brain Fog? - Club Candle

We all suffer from brain fog from time to time – or as my son likes to call it, a brain fart. With so much going on in our lives with work, family, social and personal (Yes, we need to take time for ourselves) life can become a little too much sometimes. It’s like our brains can’t cope will all the information that we need to remember, the lists, parties, events and schedules cause our minds to slip and we start to forget things.

I’m a huge believer in taking time for yourself. Pushing stop or at least pause on our lives and taking a break. It can be in the simple form of taking a walk around the block, sitting in a café, rather than busting out the door to do more things on your to-do list or finding a quiet place and reading a book, well at least part of a book.

By taking time for ourselves it gives our mind and body a chance to reset and reboot. Letting us continue on with all that life has to throw at as.

As you can tell I’m a lover of candles. I feel it’s not just the scent that can calm or focus our minds but also the flame. Who out there has sat by the fire and just been mesmerised by the flicker of the flame? By lighting a candle and having it close by when you read, write or just watch TV the calm it can bring over you is amazing.

Our candle subscription club was created just for that very reason. For the candle lovers out there that light one on a regular basis. People now get food, alcohol and beauty products delivered so why not something that we all use? If you’d like to join the candle club take a look at our surprise box. This is one of my favourites because we make it our mission to keep you smiling each month. We change the scent and style of the candle so every month is different constantly keeping you guessing and surprised.


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