Christmas Candle Delivery

Christmas Candle Delivery

Did you know you can get one candle delivered once a year?

Yep, if you want to get a Christmas gift for yourself or someone else it’s a great way to get a delivery each Christmas.


Christmas is the time for giving, we love this time of year and wanted to draw focus on the great way you can gift our subscriptions to your friends, family and co-workers.

Christmas Candle - Club Candle

How does it work?

You can join up during the month of November. Pick with the box you’d like


With this box you can choose between our two different scents; Sweet - Fruity OR Fresh - Earthy






Happy with all scent types? Leave it up to us and we'll surprise you.





I want both


Candle lover - us too! 

With this box you get both candles delivered and save.



Once you’ve clicked into the product, you’ll see a 'Deliver Every' option. This is where you can choose the interval of your deliveries. To get our Christmas delivery, make your purchase in November and choose the 12-month option in the dropdown menu. This will get you a candle delivered at the start of December each year. You can stop your subscription at any time by cancelling, but if all you want for Christmas is candles, then you’ve found the right way to spoil yourself.

Deliver every

Here some of our past Christmas candles just to entice you to join the club.


Christmas 2017

Night Before Christmas

The night before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas candle, we've blended both woody and green notes with a splash of musk and jasmine to bring a fresh pine tree aroma into your home and get you excited for the big day


Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies

What did you use to leave out for Santa? With a sugar cookie hit we’ve added a sprinkling of Gingerbread, a dollop of honey and a pinch of vanilla, this is the candle you’ll want to light while your baking and getting ready for the big day


Candy Cane

Christmas always involves sugary sweets and peppermint candy canes with an added hint of musk and apple to complete this sweet Christmas candle 

Snow Angel

This candle makes you wish for a winter wonderland, you can smell the clean, fresh snow with a slight hint of wood and the fragrant flowers of gardenia and jasmine growing on a cold Christmas night.


Christmas 2018


HappyThis Christmas combination of cinnamon, clove and cranberries are layered with a fresh and tart apple cider top note.



HolidayNothing says Christmas more than the scent of crisp, green pine trees. Our Holiday scent is mingled with cedarwood and woodland fir. To bring the smell of Christmas trees into your home.



Frosted BerriesThis icy themed candle has the rich boldness of raspberry, boysenberry and strawberry combined with a hint of lilac.



Nutmeg, Ginger and Cinnamon are stirred in with caramel, vanilla and sweet sugar to bring the smell of fresh-baked Christmas cookies.


A hint for this December. You don’t want to miss out. One is an ancient scent used throughout history, the other a treasured family memory. So join the club and let us surprise you each December.

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