Candle of the Month – Vanilla

Candle of the Month – Vanilla

 Our September 2020 Sweet / Fruity Candle of the Month is...


Vanilla is used is so many perfumes and candles. It would have to be one of the most popular fragrance ingredients. For me Vanilla is a bit hit and miss. There are some that I like to call cheap vanilla that are used in really cheap candles and they smell sickly sweet. It’s these types of candles that turn a lot of people off the scent. I’ve had one customer reach out and say she was so cranky when she saw the clue and knew it would be vanilla inside as she too has been turned off by the ‘bad’ vanillas out there on the market.


Vanilla candle of the month

I don’t want to talk myself up but I think that I have found an amazing vanilla. It’s definitely one of the best that I’ve smelt.


It’s got to be one of the most popular candle scents ever. There are some vanillas that can be quite sugary sweet. I think we’ve found the perfect mix.


one of the best vanilla candles I've smelt 


Top: Aniseed, Coconut

Middle: Buttermilk, Nutmeg

Base: Vanilla Bean, Malt


It could be the buttermilk, malt and coconut that make this vanilla so smooth and creamy. It must be a good version because as I’m writing this blog, I’ve just had a customer buy 3 of them.

Vanilla Club Candle


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