Candle of the Month - Treat

Candle of the Month - Treat

Our October 2020 Sweet / Fruity Candle of the Month is… TREAT




There’s honestly nothing better in the world. This red jar just screams CANDY and we knew what had to be done..


We’ve been playing around with the idea of doing holiday themed candles for a while, but it never really seemed to fit into our plans, or we always thought of it too late. This year we planned ahead and decided it was time to do some Halloween candles that we thought fit the theme but also weren’t too over the top. There’s nothing worse than when you get given a holiday themed candle that doesn't match the decor the month after (I’m looking at you, Christmas!)


We thought this red jar perfectly summed up our favourite part of Halloween and pretty much adulthood: being able to eat all the lollies you want, whenever you want!


We always love putting a little surprise in each box, we think it just really adds to the overall experience. Whether it be a candle tool, some candy or something else, it just really makes the whole experience so much more fun. Not only do you get a surprise candle to your door each month, but you also get a little something extra! Keep your eyes peeled for some surprises in the future!


Knowing that we were going to put some lollies in each box, we got to go to the local confectionary centre. Walking in was like heaven, seeing so many different choices all around us. It took all our willpower to not buy one of everything for future boxes. We definitely ended up with more things than we needed, but it just meant that some taste testing got to occur.

We hope that you all loved your TREAT this month! (no pun intended)



Red lollies are my all-time favourite. It’s still something I buy any time we take a road trip. We have recreated that sugary vibe for you this month, plus added a little sweet treat.

NOTE -No red frogs were harmed making this fragrance.

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