Candle of the Month – Shea Butter

Candle of the Month – Shea Butter

Our October 2019 Sweet and Fruity Candle of the Month is...

Shea Butter

Creamy Shea Butter has been gently whipped with French Vanilla to create this decadent delight. Cream and honey coat the roasted macadamia nuts in this smooth scent, with base notes of sandalwood, cardamom and Egyptian amber. 

Prepping the shea butter candle

Prepping the shea butter candle

We hand-poured this month using a soy and coconut wax to really bring out the creamy notes within the scent. The gorgeous white-dimpled container was topped off with a matching lid that will have so many second uses once the candle is finished.

This was a pretty great month. Shea Butter was the fragrance of my teenage years. Who in the 90's didn't have a tub of Body Shop Shea Butter? I love that scent can transport us back to a different place and time. The memories this scent bought back were amazing - regrettably, most of them were in hyper colour t-shirts and washed out denim but great none the same. 

Love the white dimpled glass

Love the white dimpled glass

That's the exact reason that we created the candle club to evoke different feelings, bring back forgotten memories and to bring a smile to your face each month. Our candle of the month club one of the best ways I can think to send yourself something and be surprised when you open the box. We’ve just changed up our website to make it even easier to choose your scent type, be surprised where we pick from the two different candles or if you’re a candle lover like me. You can get both! Who wouldn’t love to have a great new candle scent and style each month?

Take a look at the website and reach out to us here at we love to chat just as much as we love candles and would love to hear from you. Whether its advice on what scents you’d like to see or if you want to reach out and ask a question, we’re here to help.

Buy the shea butter candle of the month


Want to buy our candle of the month?

You can pick up our Shea Butter candle. It's a great way to try the club before you subscribe. 






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