Candle of the Month – Grapefruit and Peach

Candle of the Month – Grapefruit and Peach Club Candle

Our April 2018 Sweet and Fruity Candle of the Month is...

Grapefruit and Peach

This duo of Yellow Peach and Pink Grapefruit delivers a splash of freshness with top notes of sweet citrus, Grapefruit oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit to really pack a punch and we've blended in Yellow Peach to add a sweetness to this aromatic scent.

We loved the teal green candle vessel, that looks great in any space and smells amazing when you open the lid to flood your home with its fruity freshness, if your one of our subscribers you can use the code inside your club candle box to get this candle bundled with next months delivery for just $29.

Grapefruit and Peach Club Candle of the Month

If your not yet a member, it's OK you can still take a look at our Club Candle Gift range is a great way to try our Club Candle experience, and if you love it as much as we do, then next month you can subscribe to the club 

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