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Candle of the Month – Fruit Tingle

by Club Candle |

Our June 2020 Sweet / Fruity Candle of the Month is... 

Fruit Tingle

Who didn’t love these lollies as a kid – or these cocktails as an adult?

The rainbow of colours on the glass match the fruity fragrance in the candle. This fusion of fizz is mixed with pineapple, peach, blueberry, orange and lime.


This month’s teaser clue was…

What can be eaten as a child, but not drunk by a child?

We wanted to bring a bit of fun to this month’s box and even added a roll of fruit tingles. I swear I could eat these by the bucket full when I was a kid. This was definitely a month where the vessel picked the scent. With the multicolours on the jar, we knew we needed a really fun scent for this bright jar.


The scent was pretty tough to choose. I wanted to make sure it was a sweet and fresh scent and we started throwing out some names and Fruit Tingle seemed to fit. Especially because the fruit tingles come in a few different shades.


Each month is different and we really mean it. Some month’s there may be a bright container while the next month it could be plain and neutral. The whole concept behind Club Candle was to bring a smile to your face each time you open the package.


If you’re not a member, why not try out our ‘try before you subscribe’ option. With this box you get a box to try the Club Candle experience.


What can be eaten as a child, but not drunk by a child? Haha A Fruit Tingle. Get this scented candle before they are all gone.

Our Fruit Tingle candle is available now. It's the best way to get exactly what you want.

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