Candle of the Month - Copper

Candle of the Month - Copper

Our March 2022 Sweet / Fruity Candle of the Month is… Copper

It’s sharp, it’s zingy and it’s sweet.
We hope you love all the small details we’ve put into this one.

This month we’ve played on the idea of giving elements from the Periodic Table a smell that we think matches.
The beauty of having a new candle each month is getting to have fun with it and come up with ideas that not many brands would be able to pull off. Plus the best part of candle making, is that the name of the candle doesn’t have to match the fragrance notes. It’s nice to have the classics everyone thinks of like Coconut & Lime, Caramel etc. But it’s so much fun being able to name candles whatever we think works!

We initially chose this copper jar for another project, but once we had come up with the idea behind our Fresh/Earthy candle: Silver, we knew this would be the perfect match.

We knew that whatever fragrance we chose for Copper had to be sharp, sweet, and pack a punch. We found such a fabulous jar, and we couldn’t let it down with a fragrance that didn’t live up to the same hype. While searching through our fragrance library we found a few that we thought kind of matched, but it wasn’t quite right. I think with this one, we knew that once we found the perfect fit, we’d know. We narrowed it down to three choices and took a vote amongst the team on which fragrance better matched. (I’d tell you the others but we’re keeping them top secret for now, keep an eye out over the next few months)

Once fragrance and the jar had been decided, it came down to the most important part - the label. With both the jar and the fragrance, you’re limited to the confines of the shop you’re ordering from. With our labels, we get them all custom printed so the sky is really the limit. You would think this makes ordering labels easier, but it’s almost like walking into the grocery store when you’re hungry - so many options, everything seems appealing and you have to resist the urge to buy one of everything. We keep a stash of all our old labels so that while choosing, we can hold these up against our new jar to help figure out which size, orientation, colour, printing that we’d like. As a total science nerd, I had the idea to go for a square label and make it look like it was pulled straight from the periodic table.

While researching Copper I fell into a rabbithole of knowledge and found myself looking up all things about copper. Did you know that copper doesn’t actually rust? It doesn’t contain enough iron to do so. Instead, when exposed to the elements it develops a beautiful teal film over its surface. This doesn’t flake off like rust does, it just continues to build up over time. We created this label to look like a weathered piece of Copper surrounded by the beauty of a pristine copper jar.

Copper candle lying down

I’ve really enjoyed the two candles we’ve made this month. I hope there’s at least one science nerd like myself out there that will enjoy this one. I’m looking forward to being able to share as many facts about the periodic table and the elements as possible



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