Candle of the Month – Coco Zing

Candle of the Month – Coco Zing Club Candle

Our October 2017 Sweet and Fruity Candle of the Month is...

Coco Zing

Our Sweet Subscribers picked up a treat in our October Club Candle box with our Coco Zing, with smooth milk chocolate aromas and a twist of zesty orange to make this 'Jaffa' smelling candle good enough to eat WARNING do not really try to eat your candle! ;)

We’ve swirled in the chocolate coloured wax to give the candle the appearance of a hot chocolate, with a hint of vanilla and a punch of orange to give this chocolate lovers sweet candle an amazing fragrance.

Club Candle Coco Zing

The great thing about it, the vessel doubles as a place to store your chocolates once the candle is complete

Order by the 28th of this month to receive our Club Candle box delivered to your door

Image by Raw Chocolate

Image by Raw Chocolate

Images by Raw Chocolate @raw_chocolate



Images by - @writtenbybrittany

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