Candle of the Month – Boho Summer

Candle of the Month – Boho Summer

Our January 2020 Sweet / Fruity Candle of the Month is... Boho Summer

Coconut Water, Lime Zest, Sugarcane and Creamy Vanilla. It sounds like the ingredients to the perfect summer cocktail, but really it’s our January Sweet/Fruity candle! 

Boho Summer Candle Lying Down

When we think of Boho, we think white, macrame, and feathers. This month we’ve combined the best bits of that to bring you something we hope will match beautifully with any home decor. We spent many hours leading up to Christmas measuring, cutting, beading and tying the cords you see on your candle. We initially had the idea of pairing it with a white feather but when we were actually in the store and saw the rainbow of feathers we knew what had to be done. It’s like a surprise within a surprise, which colour feather did you get this month?

We’ve tried to bring you the ultimate summer scents to help you set the scene this month. Sweet and refreshing, we hope it brings you those Summer vibes we all desperately need this year.

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