Candle of the Month - Black Forest

Candle of the Month - Black Forest

As someone who loves baking, the first thing I could smell in this fragrance is cherry. That, paired with this gorgeous black jar gave me the perfect name for the candle. 

Black forest is typically a dessert made of chocolate cake, whipped cream and cherries. While it is missing some of these richer components, I think it suits the name perfectly.

It’s amazing how everyone's sense of smell is slightly different. I personally LOVE cherry and all things cherry, so the first time I tested this fragrance, all that I could smell was the cherry. Some of the other staff had a smell and they named other notes like vanilla and tea. It wasn’t until I suggested cherry, that everyone agreed they could detect it in there.

It’s funny, this fragrance isn’t one that I would personally choose. We actually ended up with it after a misclick on a website. Don’t judge! We’ve all been there. I'm a sucker for adding everything I want (not need) to my online cart and then culling down the non-essential items. It’s all well and good, until you click ‘Buy Now’ without taking off that last purchase. We didn’t even realise until our shipment turned up and we were stoked we’d received something we didn’t order. We looked back on the receipt and realised we actually did buy it. Oops.

Well, what a better time to turn a mistake into something great. I think it’s a very humbling experience and reminds us that we’re all human and make mistakes.

I think we turned a pretty shocking situation into something great. Did you love Black Forest? Let us know!

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