Candle of the Month – Arabian Pomegranate

Arabian Pomegranate, White and gold candle

Our August  2022 Sweet/Fruity Candle of the Month is...

Arabian Pomegranate

From the stories read to me at bedtime they aways started “Once upon a time”. I had a book that I remember always emphasised “Legend has it” it seemed so fantastical that in a far away land the Queen of Sheba had given King Solomon a flying carpet. All of us wanted to take a ride on a magical flying carpet after we saw Aladdin, right?. Some of us may have seen it with our kids, some of us were kids. But, that feeling of experiencing magic and flying high over the world made that one fairytale I always remembered.

Prepping the Arabian Pomegranate candle

Our neighbours recently returned from a trip away to Morocco (lucky them) and bought us back the most amazing tea glasses that they brought from a small stall at the local souk. It definitely peaked our interest in theming our next candle with an Arabian vibe. We wanted to recreate the feeling of hovering hundreds of feet from the ground, we took you on a carpet ride, soaring throughout the sky. Across barron deserts through to elaborate cities studded with gorgeous emeralds and rubies. With Moroccan markets filled with exquisite, handwoven fabrics, rich spices and fruits plucked fresh from the green trees.

This dreamy rose gold jar was the perfect match now it was off to find the ultimate sweet or fruity fragrance. We’ve had samples of this really punchy Pomegranate scent and thought it would make the fruitiest fragrance in this candle jar.

Our fragrance profile noted,

OPENING NOTES - Pomegranate, Pink Pepper and Apple

HEART - Geranium, Lemon and Rosewood

DRY DOWN - Jasmine, Iris and Musk

Our subscription candles we try to create stories, to take you on a journey. We want you to do a little happy dance when you see our candle box arrive on your doorstep. That anticipation of opening the box and scent wafting out. The crumple of the paper as you tear through to find the amazing jar. That’s the fairytale we want to recreate just for you.

Club Candle Subscription box and candle


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