Candle of the Month - Apple Pie & Icecream

Candle of the Month - Apple Pie & Icecream

Our December 2021 Sweet / Fruity Candle of the Month is... Apple Pie & Icecream

Apple Pie & Icecream Candle

This is the 115th candle scent we have created for you, here at Club Candle. From our very humble beginnings back in 2017 we have bought you some of our all-time favourite fragrances This year I wanted to thank you all for joining us on this journey with a comforting scent that is so close to my heart.

We figured that this year Christmas isn't going to be what it usually is, with many people unable to see their friends and family as they usually would. We've tried to recreate some of our favourite Christmas dessert staples, in order to bring you some sense of comfort and familiarity in these uncertain times.

Apple Pie & Icecream Candle Top Down

With it's warm notes of Cinnamon and Brown Sugar, it smells just like a warm hug. It's hard to feel lonely with such a warm scent in the room. Here's hoping that 2022 brings some relaxation and freedom!



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