Candle hints you may not know about

Candle hints you may not know about

We’ve all heard the main tips there are for the perfect burn of a candle.

  1. Trim your wick.
  2. On your first burn let the candle burn to the edge.
  3. Only burn a candle between 2-4 hours at a time.

But did you know there are a few other ways you could be burning your candle all wrong?

Hints to burning a candle corectly

Chill Zone

When you light a candle, you need to make sure it’s away from draughts. Avoid placing them near fans, air conditioners or open windows. Even a crowded area like on the coffee table near the reception of your workplace with people passing back and forth all day can disrupt the flame.


Take them for a spin

Candles usually get put in a place and stay there for the completion of the burn. It’s good practice to spin them occasionally. This is so for those of you that do blow out the flame, the wick may start to move slightly towards the back of the glass. By spinning the candle, you will have a more efficient burn.


Follow the half-inch rule

Discontinue use of your candle when there is about ½ an inch of wax remaining at the bottom of the jar. If you burn your candle past this point there is a chance you may crack the glass or worse it could explode with the intense heat, damaging your table or injuring you. As it nears the bottom, most of the wax will already be consumed. The wick works like a fuse throughout your candle and waiting till it's too low will cause intense heat build-up and the pressure could cause it to explode.

Don't burn your candle too low



Position is everything

The surface you burn your candle on is important. It’s basically a jar of fire so you don’t want to place it on or near anything that can catch fire. This can prevent heat damage to the counter, cabinet or the surface where you place your candle. You can also buy candle coasters or trays to provide a safe surface to burn your candle on.


Surround yourself with a friend

Never leave a candle unattended. As we’ve talked about they are a small container of naked flame and can cause a fire. You don’t have it under your nose, but be sure to have a glance at it often and make sure it’s behaving as it should.


It is bizarre how many rules there are for lighting up a candle, but if you show your candles a little love by following the simple safety precautions you will get the best burn for your candles each and every time.


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