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Club Candle

Wick Trimmer

+ $10 Shipping

Trim your wick to about 6mm before each and every burn with our Club Candle wick trimmer and you will see your candle at its glowing glory every time.

This will also prevent the wicks from becoming too long and 'mushrooming'. Candles with trimmed wicks last longer, you will lower the chances of a smoking candle and you will avoid the nasty black soot build up around the rim of the vessel caused by a wick that’s too long. 



You will see that your wick is getting too long if it forms a mushroom shape or if you are starting to see it smoke. If your candle is lit, blow it out, trim the wick and relight for a better burn. We like to wait until the wax has gone hard and then trim as this prevents the excess wick falling in the hot wax which is difficult to remove without making a mess.


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Wick Trimmer

Wick Trimmer


Have questions?

Take a look at our FAQ

  • Do I have to pay shipping?

    Yes. We used to 'build-in' the cost of shipping into the price - so you'd pay $40 a box. We wanted to be more transparent, so we dropped our prices and now charge $25 for the candle and $10 for shipping. We're a small Aussie biz and we have to pay our couriers to get these goodies safely to you, and let me tell you, freight in Australia is expensive. For more info take a look at FAQ.

  • When does my box arrive?

    The first time you make a purchase you are charged on the spot. Your Club Candle box arrives the following month. So, let’s say you subscribe for your first box and pay in January, your box will be the February box that ships on the 1st of Feb. For more info take a look at FAQ.

  • Can I skip a month?

    YES! You can pause or skip a month by logging into your account. This is a great option if you’re going away – lucky you… or if you have too many candles – as if!!! Take a look at our HOW TO FAQ on a step by step process.