What's the deal with Subscription Boxes in Australia?

What's the deal with Subscription Boxes in Australia?

In Australia subscription boxes are fairly new, the US market has seen a huge influx of subscription boxes in the last 10 years and they are slowly trickling to our shores from getting a monthly delivery of razors from Dollar Shave Club to companies like Fabletics that ship workout clothing, Soxy Beast that deliver mens socks or the Healthy Snackbox Co where healthy and delicious snacks are delivered to your workplace.

It used to be the milkman delivering to your doorstep, and now the only delivery seems to be bills and junk mail. For years we have seen wine of the month clubs and now even beauty boxes that can be shipped straight to your door. With this concept in mind, Club Candle was created.

Club Candle to your door
Candles are consumable, just like wine that gets drunk and beauty products that we use, people are lighting and using candles in their homes right across Australia. 

So what do you get in a Club Candle box?

Each month we send out new and unique scented candles with a ever changing on trend container to update your decor.

Members can choose from a Sweet and Fruity or a Fresh and Earthy box, and for those happy with all candles, a Surprise Box. 

Boxes are delivered to your door with FREE shipping at the beginning of each month.

There are no lock in contracts and you can pause, or skip a month at any time.

Every now and then we include a free gift in your box as a special treat, it's easy to join, all you need to do is pick a box.

Club Candle inside the box

Club Candle was created for the candle lovers of Australia. For those of you, like me, that love to light different candles in no matter what room of the house that your in. With our subscription box you get a new candle each month, with free shipping.

Circle your calendar for a Club Candle delivery

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