Two different candles every month

Two different candles every month

We create and send two different boxes every month. The candle style and scent change every month because we all deserve to be surprised.

In each box, you'll find 

A candle with at least a 50 hour burn time, it comes wrapped in our custom tissue paper. You'll also find a candle of the month card that describes your candle scent, plus a little note from us. Sometimes, we'll even throw in a free gift.

Usually, a subscription box from a beauty, sock or craft box will be focused on just one box per month. We are a little bit different, let's be honest - we're a lot different! We love candles and know that not everyone has the same taste when it comes to fragrance. Some people are sensitive to overpowering scents, and some people hate super sweet candles.

When we created the brand, Club Candle, we wanted to give you the options. But, do you know how hard it is to have multiple candle boxes available for people to choose from? Our customers can cancel and join the club at any time during the month and forecasting how many candles in four different variations was a tough ask. The most popular choices and the ones that were easier to group were the boxes we now know as Sweet and Fruity and our opposing box, Fresh and Earthy.

This way the sweeter scents like Frangipani, Vanilla and Hot Jam Donut could be grouped into one collection. The other end of the scale scents like Grass, Pine and Laundry scents could go into the other. You will find that there are some aromas that fit into both like, Lemon, Orange and Lime these are classic scents that are of course fruity, and they're also fresh.

Why the mystery or surprise?

Let's face it. After the age of 21, unless it's a birthday, anniversary or Christmas, the time for gift-giving is OVER. If we don't treat ourselves to something beautiful, who will? We were sick of just getting junk mail turning up at our door and wanted a little surprise to look forward to each month. Subscription Boxes are pretty much the only way you can buy yourself a gift and be surprised when you open the box!

Why is every month different?

We want to make sure each month is a new experience for you. If we always sent out the same container or picked similar fragrances, you wouldn't get the anticipation or excitement of opening something that you have no idea what's inside. We always pick new candle containers and different fragrances, so you'll get a bit of everything.

What if I don't like the scent or style of my candle? 

Not everyone is going to love the scents or styles we pick out. Your home might be country and the glassware might be modern, or the smell might be Chocolate, and you're just not a fan. The great thing about candles is they make the perfect gifts. If you get one that just isn't you, give a gift to a fantastic friend or keep till Christmas and pop in someone's secret Santa. Please reach out to us if you keep getting candles that you don't like and we can take a look at your subscription. After all these years and all these candles, we have only had a few people that have said that we just got it wrong. We were happy to swap the candle for them, and they have been a happy customer ever since. 

We love candles!

We love that the sense of smell can take you on a journey. That with the strike of a match, and the crackle of the wick you are transported to a happy place. So what are you waiting for? Join the club today!


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