The most polarising candle scent and it's not lavender or vanilla.

The most polarising candle scent and it's not lavender or vanilla.

For the launch of our new website and basically changing up our subscription game. I have been wanting to really push the bountadies for a long time with a fragrance that I think is THE MOST polarising.

Now a lot of you are probably thinking that I’m going to say rose or lavender which some people still see as a Nanna fragrance. I’m a lover of it.

Others may be shocked to hear the word vanilla in this category, but you will either be a lover or a hater of this overlydone scent.

the most polarising scent is not, rose, vanilla or mint


OK, I’m going to say it and the minute I do - I bet you'll agree.


I can hear you all nodding in agreement that yes you are either a lover or absolutely detest this scent.

licorice, leather chair, vetiver

I grew up with a Mum that use to go to our local Warringah Mall once a month. We would do the rounds through Best N Less and Target and would always end up at Darrell Lea on the way out. I hated the smell of that store. I would start to feel sick everytime we rounded the corner on our way towards it. The mixture of the chocolate and the licorice just set me off. 

What you may not know about Darrell Lea is they were one of the first few businesses that started using scent marketing to entice shoppers into their store. They would pump the smell of licorice throughout the store, which of course would flood out into the passing people. Scent marketing is a powerful tool still used today more than ever, with brands today like Peter Alexander and Victoria Secret. Research has shown than scent marketing in retail stores increased intent to purchase by 80%.  


With Licorice and it's rich aniseed scent, it isn’t the only strong fragrance note used in this candle, we added an undertone of leather, packed a punch with vetiver which smells just like bushfire. Softened with a bit of sweetness from Plum and fig and rounded it all out with oak. 

table of candles, above view of candles, wooden lids

It’s unusual and mysterious and complex.

Our theme this month was grounding and with these truly earthy notes I think we’ve hit the brief.

licorice and leater candle in subscription boxes

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  • Alexandra Cerjanec

    I love aniseed. As a child I would buy aniseed balls, but these days they are hard to find. So I am looking forward to trying this new scented candle.

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