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Sent each month, every few months or once a year, the choice is yours!

by Club Candle |  | 2 comments

Get a candle sent each month, every few months or once a year, the choice is yours!

We know there are some people out there that aren't as candle obsessed as we are. It's OK we can still be friends. You may only burn your candle on weekends or special occasions. Getting a candle delivered every month may be too much for you, and you end up with a cupboard full of candles. (It's not weird, I have a candle cupboard at home.)


Can I choose to get a candle delivered every few months?

You sure can. We give you a few different options with our subscription boxes. You can pick a scent type, be surprised or get both. We also give you the freedom to choose how often your box ships.


Once you've picked a box. In the 'deliver every' dropdown box you can select

1 month

2 months

3 months

4 months

6 months


12 months

That way, you have the control on when your box arrives. Once you make your purchase if you think you'll want to change the intervals, to more, or less, you can do that too.


Birthday Candles

Are you sick of getting undies and presents that you just don't need? Who doesn't use candles these days? A gift of a candle is sometimes thought of as an easy gift. I think it's one of the greatest gifts to give. A scented candle can take you on a journey. Whether it is to a tropical Island, a faraway land or back in time to a childhood memory. The power of scent is amazing. With our subscription or pre-paid gift options, you can choose the month the gift will arrive. You can even select once a year, so if it's your daughter and her Birthday is in August. Get a subscription sent once a year to arrive during the month of her Birthday; this is one candle she won't want to blow out!


Comments (2)

  • Kathryn Zerna on December 15, 2020

    How do I join and how much please

  • Val on December 11, 2020

    How much is the subscription fee each month?

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