Repurpose your candle container

Repurpose your candle container - Club Candle

At Club Candle we use soy wax to give a clean burn. The other great thing about soy wax is that it’s soft which means it’s easy to clean out of your candle vessel.


You should never use the very last part of your candle. We recommend that once the candle has about ½ inch of wax left in the bottom, that’s a good time to retire that candle and light up your next one.

We supply a new and always changing vessel every month and love to get pictures from our happy customers that have repurposed their tin, glass, copper or concrete vessels for a second use.

If you are yet to reuse an old candle container, here is how it’s done.

When your candle gets low, and the wax has melted to the bottom, pour your wax into the bin. Be very careful not to burn yourself. If you get most of the wax out this way, you can then clean the rest of the melted wax out with a paper towel and then pop out the remaining wick.

If your candle is cold you can cut a cross through the remaining wax and then try warming it up in a saucepan of water on the stove. They should come out in pieces and you won’t need to melt the wax all the way.

Once all the wax and wicks are removed use warm, soapy water to wash out the container. You can re-use your vessel for whatever you'd like. They are perfect in the bathroom to hold bath salts, hair ties, little soaps or cotton buds. In the kitchen for knick-knacks and small items. In the bedroom for jewellery, makeup brushes or accessories, at the entry to hold keys or to keep something safe. At the office for pens and stationary, or plant succulents or cactus to add a bit of green to your space. Of course, the uses are endless! So if you really loved the candle container when you first opened it, you can get even more use from it by re-purposing it for a storage solution at home or the office.


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