My Week Of Work Experience

My Week Of Work Experience
Hey, I'm Jayla Robi and this is the story of my week of work experience at Inspired Brands. 
This has been such an amazing week, l have had so much fun and learned so many new things. The staff are so kind and everyone seems to fit in like clockwork. It is truly a great workplace and they made me feel like family the minute I walked in. I was so grateful to Inspired Brands for not only letting me come to do work experience with them but also teaching me everything about a workplace and how their workplace runs. 
I have done so many things this week and I am so excited to share that with you. Firstly, I started the week with learning about a manufacturing line and how the candles and home goods are produced (they don't just show up on the shelf). I also began out by getting content of everyone and everything for the brand's socials. I enjoy marketing and they understood that and let me run them for the entire week, how lucky am I?
Over the next few days everything became even more crazy and I got to learn so much more. Over these few days I got to work on updating websites, digital marketing, graphic design and so many new things I had never even thought about. Something I really enjoyed was using the CRICUT machine to make the team's new customised uniforms. Fun fact, I posted a video of myself doing that on Club Candle’s instagram.  
Something they also let me help with was deciding on October’s Club Candle for you guys to enjoy. It was chosen in a really fun way this month, we put random fragrance notes into a box and chose them out. Then a scent was made by those fragrance notes and we had to blind smell them to think of an amazing and inviting name for you guys. Then after they let me help with that I designed the label for the candle on Canva with some experience I already had with it. So when you guys get your October candle just know I had some creative input. 
I could not be any more grateful for the week they have provided me with and if I can ever come back I would be more than happy to. 
Thanks to Inspired Brands.

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