Herbal scented candles aren’t the most popular, but this one might change your mind.

Tea Tree and Spearmint

I love creating small stories around the fragrances we use it creates a connection.  For this months candle we found a gorgeous vessel with screen prnted lettering. Tea Tree and Spearmint scented candle.The jar was already named so I set out to find a scent. We have some amazing fragrance suppliers. They sent us a beautiful herbaceous scent but I wanted to pump it up a little. We used to own a Tea Tree farm so I have a bit of an endless supply of essential oil. Now I don’t recommend adding essential oils to fragrance if you aren’t sure what you’re doing as some have a low flammable point - which means in some candles they can ignite. Testing is always the key. We put our candles through stringent testing. First there is a fragrance test, then behaviour testing and finally we move to performance testing to make sure we know eactally how the candle will burn from start to finish. All the while making notes and taking photos so we can look back at any time if we need.


Back to the story;


Step into a world of enchantment, where the towering gum trees shade out the sun. Where every breath transports you deeper into the realm of adventure and discovery. With Tea Tree plants, brushing the small hairs on your arm and the aroma of rosemary drifting up as you crush through the shrubs in your boots. Caution whispers in your ear not to lose your way, as you journey through nature.

tea tree, spearmint and neroli


Our subscription candles are sent out monthly and we always want to make sure they are all a bit different. Some of the jars may be similar sizes or colours but this jar was different than any we have used before. Herbal scented candles aren’t as popular as some of the other types like sweet or fresh, but they are some of the ones that we get the most feedback from. I guess some people sometimes think of herbal as mint but did you know that lavender and lemon balm are also counted as herbal, and then of course there are chamomile and juniper that also fall in this category. You can see why I like playing with the fragrances and surprising you with scents you might not normally choose.

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