Have you ever wondered what a rainbow scented candle would smell like.

rainbow colours

There is something magical about a rainbow. After a dark and gloomy storm the sun always comes back out and a prism of beautiful colours appear.  There’s definitely no pot of gold (I’ve looked) but if a Rainbow did have a smell I think you’d find sparkling citrus, the beauty of flowers, and the warmth of woody notes to round out the scent.

This candle jar just looked like a rainbow. We unboxes the glass in the driveway when it was delivered and the sun made it glisten in the light. How could we not call it Rainbow. I mean come on, have you ever wondered what a rainbow scented candle would smell like?

The scent notes;

A burst of tropical with lemon, raspberry, pineapple and grapefruit.

As the top notes settle, the middle notes emerge, offering a bouquet of fresh florals. 

The base notes provide a warm and comforting foundation. Including subtle hints of vanilla, soft musk, and a touch of sandalwood.

We poured this candle on a weird day, it was raining in the morning and then came out unusually hot and of course a rainbow appeared. I wish we had taken a photo of the candle with it but we really only thought about it later. Actually we got almost zero photos of this pour day. My son Zac takes all the photos - I’m terrible and we was away in Queensland for the production of this candle and got cranky with me when he got home. 

We get alot of customer subscribing as a gift, whether it’s for Mother’s Day, Christmas or a Birthday, candles really do make the perfect gift and an everychanging style and scent - who wouldn’t love it. Our business was always designed around the premise of surprise. That anticipation when you have a wrapped gift, I don’t know about you but I used to always try and guess what was inside. Here you know it’s a candle but you never know what scent or style until you open the box. Now that’s what I call the perfect surprise.

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