Candles described as cocktails - because our taste and smell are closely linked.

Candles described as cocktails - because our taste and smell are closely linked.

Flavour is what people call the "taste" of their food. But did you know it's actually a combination of the taste, smell, temperature and texture. If you experience a loss in smell, your taste buds will be out of whack too. That's why we are seeing so many candle makers describe the smell of their candles as a cocktail. Chances are we have all had a pina colada so the imagery that pop's into my head is creamy coconut, fresh pineapple and tropical breezes.

This glass cried out for a cocktail, and with a recent visit to a distillery just around the corner, this month we decided to go with a gimlet, which is a sweet drink of gin and lime cordial. Over the years, cocktails have become less sweet as tastes change. And the gimlet is no exception, with cocktails now being infused with everything from lavender to hibiscus. As as a candle fragrance we started with a cucumber and basil base and added lavender essential oil and  juniper which is the berries that Gin is made from.


Cocktails used to be pretty standard. Just alcohol and sweet mixers but like alot of goods these days they are being blended and infused with herbs to increase the benefits and up the cool factor. Lavender used to just be for soaps and salves, peppermint was for tea and toothpaste and aloe was just for sunburn. Now we are seeing combinations of herbs used in everything from skincare through to sparking water. 


Lavender is calming and relaxing, it’s gentle scent is renowned for its soothing properties

Cucumber is a fresh, clean, and watery scent that is incredibly refreshing and invigorating.

Basil is often used to stimulate the mind and promote focus it’s a great ingredient to combat mental fatigue.

Juniper has a woody and slightly pine-like scent making it a good choice for awakening the mind and body.


Our candle of the month makes the perfect gift, but don’t think about giving it away - look after yourself and subscribe. If you enjoy discovering new products, value convenience and want a service that saves you searching through the stores for the perfect candle, then this club is for you. On average a candle lasts a few weeks, if you are burning it a few nights a week, it’s great to come home and light a candle. I find it soothing and with this scent it will be super relaxing 



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