Candle of the Month – Walk in the Wildflowers

Candle of the Month – Walk in the Wildflowers Club Candle

Our March 2018 Sweet and Fruity Candle of the Month is...

Walk in the Wildflowers

We wondered what it would smell like to walk through a field of wildflowers, the birds chirping in the trees, the bees buzzing about. With some many different florals invading your senses like Bluebells, Foxgloves and Honeysuckles and the sweet, sweet smell of honey.

To celebrate the launch of our 

Can't Choose get Both where if you can't decide between our Fresh and Earthy or Sweet and Fruity, you can now get both boxes! This duo will feature 2 creatively curated candles with amazing fragrances to have your home smelling ah-maz-ing. 

This candle of the month we wanted to explore the world of florals, and take them to the super sweet and the other, extremely earthy. 

A Walk in the Wildflowers - Club Candle

Image by @weddingflowersbybethanylee

You can now buy this candle in our shop, A Walk in the Wildflowers can be boxed and sent to you, with our 1 off Gift Collection.

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