Candle of the Month - Venom

Candle of the Month - Venom

Our June 2022 Fresh / Earthy Candle of the Month is… Venom

There’s no denying this one belongs in the sultry category. The hypnotic notes of labdanum, sandalwood and incense instantly captivate your senses. The blend of florals with intoxicating musk is the perfect balance of femininity and masculinity. 

This month we’ve unintentionally created two very different candles, with Venom being a very dark, sultry candle and Violet Sky being a very light, atmospheric candle.

We don’t often plan a very matching candle, but most months it’s hard to stray away from a theme or idea that ties the two candles together. We’ve had a few like Bliss and Balance, that could be siblings and others like Copper and Silver, that have the same theme behind them but don't physically look the same. 

This month we decided to go in blind and make our own respective candles (Sandi being the mastermind behind Venom and Myself being the brains behind Violet Sky) without discussing the details with the other person. It was a challenge we put on ourselves and I personally think we aced it. It’s so easy to bounce ideas off each other, but it’s another thing to go in completely alone and have to research, plan and execute something of this scale on your own. We are both so similar in personality that I was honestly expecting to unintentionally match somehow. I was pleasantly surprised when we revealed our concepts to each other, about how different our ideas were.

With venom, the fragrance was chosen first and the jar second. I personally find it harder to work this way, I find that once I know the scent I begin to get my own ideas in my mind of what the jar should look like. It’s much harder to find your idea of a perfect jar, compared to choosing the jar first and then finding a fragrance that matches. One of the interesting parts of this experiment is seeing the different ways we choose to do things.

Whether it was our secret psychic powers or co-incidence, we’ve both gone for the ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to labelling and chose to create a candle sans label. Sometimes we let the jar do all the talking, and there was no way we could cover up the beautiful silver pattern with a label. Once the label was sorted, the only thing left to do was to decide a name. I can honestly say it took a good week to come up with the name venom. We originally wanted to steer away from the snake theme, trying to lean more into the lace quality of the pattern on the jar. Like with most ideas we have, all it takes is one single epiphany and the idea is set in stone. Once the name Venom was conceived, we knew that’s what it had to be named. Nothing else seemed to fit or hit as hard as venom did. One word with a name as sharp as its meaning.


There’s nothing wrong with a little mischief.


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