Candle of the Month - The Dark Side

Shiny geometric black candle

Welcome to the dark side. When creating this month’s Earthy candle we were inspired by the sleek black vessel we were going to use. The vessel was giving us mysterious, dark and moody vibes and we were ready to have some fun with that! So we set out to create the perfect scent to complement this mystifying jar.

Hands holding candle

This month we toyed with the idea of the dark side versus the bright side. For the earthy candle we ventured to the dark side, the part of us that hides in the shadow, not often seen or shown. Some of us have a dark personality - either in our sense of humour or in the way we prefer to fly solo and keep to ourselves. Sometimes we think negatively about certain situations or interactions or find ourselves fearing change.

We went in search of a mysterious scent to match the dark and moody vibes our shiny black vessel was giving off. We landed on a combination of scents that combine to create the ultimate moody candle. The vessel is filled with earthy scents that will appeal to your darker side. The mixture of scents combine to create a moody and mysterious atmosphere. We used Oud wood in this month's candle as the scent transports us to a dark forest with its woody aroma. The earthy and spicy aroma given off by this candle are thanks to the Patchouli scent we also included. And we couldn’t have an earthy candle without including some Frankincense as it is an essential oil used in aromatherapy that can offer a variety of health benefits.

Candle and box

Taking a walk on the dark side this month has been an interesting experience. Playing around with dark and moody vibes with the sleek black vessel was in stark contrast to our Bright Side Sweet candle this month. Opposites attract right?! That’s the beauty of what we do here at Club Candle, every month we create something new, something different, something you won’t get anywhere else.

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