Candle of the Month - Stone

Candle of the Month - Stone

Our April 2021 Fresh / Earthy Candle of the Month is... Stone


With this stone look jar we wanted a scent that was grounding, gritty and earthy. What do you think, does it smell like stone?


Stone Jar on Black Concrete Dish


When we found this stone jar, we actually had a team vote on whether we thought it looked like the bark of a tree, or a slab of marble. The stone won the votes by a landslide and so, Stone was born!


It took a while of searching our fragrance library to come up with the perfect scent to match the beautiful jar, but we think we found it in the end. It's the perfect combination of masculine, woody smells that fits the theme perfectly. 


This jar will be perfect to reuse once empty, with its striking pattern the perfect way to compliment any room.


cannabis – vetiver – musk – hickory wood


Here at Club Candle, we like to mix it up every month. Each month we change up our candle jar, our fragrance and our theme for the boxes. Some months we match the two candles together, and other months we go for two completely different options that nicely complement each other.

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