Candle of the Month – Spiked Rhubarb and Soda

Candle of the Month – Spiked Rhubarb and Soda

Our November 2020 Sweet / Fruity Candle of the Month is... Spiked Rhubarb and Soda


Notes: ginger, lemon, juniper, gin, rhubarb and soda


This month was a fun one. Sometimes the fragrance comes first and then we team them up with the perfect container. Other times it’s the container that we want to use and we search for a scent to match.


For our Spiked Rhubarb and Soda it was the scent that was to die for and we were on the hunt for the jar to match. We found the purple and knew that it’s would be a match made in heaven. It’s such a fruity bubbly scent with the notes of juniper and soda we wanted to play on the idea of a gin inspired cocktail. The ginger and lemon makes this candle refreshing and cool and of course the rhubarb rounds out the scent.


The label…oh the label. We hadn’t used a label like this before and used pintrest for inspo. I love the labels that you find on wine bottles and know they always use a touch of gold bling to add that bit more pizzaz to the label.



We want to make sure each month is a new experience for you. If we always sent out the same container or picked similar fragrances, you wouldn't get the anticipation or excitement of opening something that you have no idea what's inside. We always pick new candle containers and different fragrances, so you'll get a bit of everything.


If you’re loving the subscription business don’t be shy to tell everyone about us. We get our business from people just like you that love our candles and rave about them to everyone they know. 



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