Candle of the Month – Snow Angel

Candle of the Month – Snow Angel Club Candle

Our December 2017 Fresh and Earthy Candle of the Month is...

Snow Angel

Our Club Candles for December are...The Night Before Christmas, Candy Cane, Snow Angel and Christmas Cookies.

Club Candle Christmas

With our special Christmas Mini Sampler this month we had four different fragrances to choose from, so there were a few different subscription candles that went out this month. We kept them simple and white, because it works with everything, and who wouldn't want a White Christmas. 

With everyone's holiday decor so different we wanted a candle that could fit into any setting so whether your decorations are Gold, Purple, Silver, Red, Green, Pink or Blue our December Club Candle will fit right into your Christmas arrangement.


The Night Before Christmas - Club Candle

Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas candle, we've blended both woody and green notes with a splash of musk and jasmine to bring a fresh pine tree aroma into your home and get you excited for the big day 


Christmas Cookies - Club Candle

Christmas Cookies

 What did you use to leave out for Santa? With a sugar cookie hit we’ve added a sprinkling of Gingerbread, a dollop of honey and a pinch of vanilla, this is the candle you’ll want to light while your baking and getting ready for the big day


Candy Cane - Club Candle

Candy Cane

Christmas always involves sugary sweets and peppermint candy canes with an added hint of musk and apple to complete this sweet Christmas candle

Snow Angel - Club Candle

Snow Angel

This candle makes you wish for a winter wonderland, you can smell the clean, fresh snow with a slight hint of wood and the fragrant flowers of gardenia and jasmine growing on a cold Christmas night.


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